Diamond reveals the only musical career path Tiffah is allowed to take

The Tanzanian artist vowed to never let his daughter be a musician

Tiffah with her dad Diamond Platinumz
Image: courtesy

Tanzanian bongo superstar now turned reality TV show star Diamond Platinumz has vowed to never let his daughter Tiffah (whom he shares with Zari Hassan) venture into the world of music and entertainment more so as an artist.

Diamond defended his stance by highlighting that in his many years in the industry he has learnt that it is not a favourable environment for the girl child especially when she is starting out.

He added that the challenges females experience are unbearable and as a dad he would never sit comfortable knowing his daughter was in such an environment.

“A female musician has to go through a lot to become a successful artiste. The challenges are so ambiguous to them to the extent that their bodies become part of the bargain.

That’s just how the system in this industry is," the father of 4 said.

Simba went on to add that on several occasions his daughter has pointed out her wish to join the industry and grow to become an international act something he strongly notes he will never allow as long as he has breath in his lungs.

“I say this because I know everything they go through as artistes.

Tiffah loves music and so many times she has told me her dream is to become an international act.

But I will not allow that, not for a minute because as a parent my responsibility is to ensure she pursues a safe career path,” the 'Yatapita' hit maker added.

As a level headed man who understands that when you push someone away from something they adore they end up growing more rebellious, Diamond noted he has a backup plan if Tiffah truly insists on joining the industry.

“I have started preparing her for something different in this industry I’m in, should she insist.

I’m preparing her to become an artiste manager, let her handle their business, lock their businesses, exploit opportunities for them, but not her being an artiste,” Diamond said while finishing up.

Ironically he maintains that he has no problem with his sons pursuing whatever career path they choose be it within or outside the entertainment industry.

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