Tiffah bursts into tears at the airport as she bids Diamond bye

Tiffah and her brother had flown to Tanzania over the weekend to spend time with their dad

Diamond with his kids Tiffah and Nillan alongside their mom Zari Hassan
Image: Courtesy

After almost a week of hanging out with their father Diamond Platinumz, Tiffah and Nillan have finally headed back to South Africa where their mother Zari Hassan stays.

However, the moment wasn't as rosy as when the two kids first arrived.

Emotions ran high at the airport as Tiffah could not hold back her tears while bidding goodbye to her father 

In a video that is currently making rounds on social media, the young girl can be seen rubbing off tears from her eyes as she says goodbye to her dad.

"See you...Give me a five... I love you, you know that I love you right? Okay see you," Diamond could be heard saying to the weeping child as they said bye from the sides of the boarding deck.

The artist ended up getting emotional as well trying to hold back tears, "I'm coming okay, I'll come..." he's heard saying as he turns away unable to look at his sad daughter anymore.

Prince Nillan on the other hand braved the moment as he smiled at his dad while waving goodbye.

The "Kwangwaru" hitmaker could also be seen playing with the kids in the waiting area as they waited for their boarding time. He was seen carrying Nillan on his shoulders as he threw him up in the air.

Over the weekend Diamond's two kids whom he shares with his baby mama, Uganda socialite, and entrepreneur Zari Hassan flew to Tanzania to hang out with the bongo superstar.

Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan arrived in Tanzanian on Saturday morning and were received by their father, Diamond Platnumz in a very stylish way.

From the look of things, their mother, Zari Hassan had not accompanied them to Tanzania. 

The two kids were received by Diamond's conveyance at the airport. After landing, Diamond is seen in a video asking them to repeat after him.

Afterward, the singer excitedly drove them home in his Rolls Royce.

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