KRG the Don
Image: Instagram

Artist and entrepreneur KRG The Don has responded to allegations that he was broke and was struggling.

In an interview with Presenter Ali, KRG accused Dufla, who made the allegations publicly, of seeking clout and influence by using his name.

He added that he does not need any help from Dufla as he has people who can help him in case he gets into trouble.

"If you see that, you know he is lost, people don't talk to him, no one has followed his life, until he mentions me, he will get attention, so he is looking for clout and my name. The second thing is that I don't need him, he is not my PA, he is not from my family, he is not my brother, who is he talking to me like? If I have problems, I will go to help someone else but I can't go to Dufla, Dufla is poor, what will he help me," said the artist.


He added; "I plan my life, he plans to follow me. So I don't want him to know too much about my life, that's why I'm giving it to him.

So I told him I'm counting the grass at home and when I'm done I'll call him.

That is what hurt him, but I will help him again if he has an agenda, I am asking you to push," KRG said.

At the end of last week, Dufla claimed that the KRG was getting loan money and now he is having trouble.


"Where did this KRG go? I told you the money was for a loan, you refused, now I hear the family is struggling badly.

Please, if anyone knows where he is, tell him to give us a pay bill, and we will help him at least come back to town!!! Guys this is serious old man is bad!!!" Dufla wrote on Instastories.