For upkeep! Keranta shows off Sh.60k allowance from Flaqo

The pressure in these social media streets! Wueh!

Flaqo and Keranta
Image: Instagram

The new month hasn't even rolled in yet and digital content creator Keranta and her boyfriend comedian/brand ambassador Flaqo Razz are already putting people under mad pressure.

The duo is currently trending after Keranta shared on her Instagram stories a screen grab of an M-pesa message from her boyfriend. As per the text, Flaqo had sent her Sh.60k for her upkeep or like the kids call it nowadays, girlfriend allowance.

The pressure in these social media streets! Wueh.

Captioning the screen grab the 22-year-old YouTube content creator threw a jab at understanding girlfriends and single ladies by simply writing, "Just got my girlfriend allowance. Y'all received your girlfriend allowance yet?" 

Following this up for the doubting Thomas she went on to share more screen grabs, this time round showing off a conversation she had with her boyfriend.

In the said convo, Flaqo (whom she has saved as My Man, My Man, My Man) on her phone could be seen telling her he was going to send her a little something for some errands and her upkeep.

His text read, "If you receive some money that is for (blurred out) na kidogo juu ya (with a little top up) upkeep,"

Baby girl is really living the life!

Earlier this month the two went viral yet again after Flaqo surprised her with a black Nissan Note for her 22nd birthday.

Sharing the news online she wrote, "I am officially a car owner .#nissan note club Sasa nimesema kama place unaniita haina parking, sitakuja! God bless you so much, my love,” 

And this is after they'd just come back from their trip to Dubai. Whichever direction she was facing while praying and the words she said, same same.

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