I didn't want to see the baby-Abel Mutua's wife recounts battle with postpartum depression

Abel Mutua, Judy found herself grappling with this often unspoken and misunderstood aspect of motherhood.

Digital content creator/creative manager, Judy Nyawira
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Judy Nyawira recently opened up about her challenging experience with postpartum depression.

According to the mother of one, just a week after welcoming their baby girl with celebrated actor and storyteller Abel Mutua, Judy found herself grappling with this often unspoken and misunderstood aspect of motherhood.

“I remember waking up one morning, and there was blood coming out from everywhere. I remember, I wailed and screamed, and I woke the baby, and the baby started crying," Judy candidly confessed during an appearance she made at Best Kept Secrets podcast.

She went on to narrate how her baby's wailing super triggered her and she wanted the baby completely gone as she couldn't stand seeing her bundle of joy.

"I sat on the floor. I remember Abel coming in very quickly, his sister who had come to stay with us, and the nanny. I remember telling them to take the baby away and that I did not want to see the baby," the talent manager recalled.

Judy Nyawira, Abel Mutua with their daughter
Image: Instagram

Judy noted that she seriously did struggle with postpartum depression without her even being aware what she was fighting due to her young age and the fact that postpartum depression was not something that people openly talked about.

"Postpartum was not something that was talked about, and it was also not popular. I did experience some serious postpartum depression,” Judy confessed.

The creative producer has in the past, opened up about her experience of becoming a mother, disclosing that she conceived during her time as a student at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) more than ten years ago.

Judy recalled that she was in her third year of college when she initially had an inkling (that ended up being true) that she might be pregnant.

Postpartum depression is mood disorder or depression that occurs in mothers after the birth of a baby mostly common to women aged between 18-35 years and can last anywhere from weeks to months. with symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

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