Kenyan actor Melvin Alusa
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International acclaimed Kenyan actor Melvin Alusa (yes, he is Bein's brother) is opening up on the complexity of raising a huge family.

Melvin and his wife are blessed with five boys and three girls, making them a family of 10. One more and they'd be a football team.

Speaking during a candid interview the 'Mission to Rescue' actor revealed growing up he always envisioned having a big family but he had not anticipated to have it that big.

Lol, anyone else thought of Daddy Marto and his wife upon reading that?


“Having eight children is a blessing, and I wanted a big family growing up. I just didn’t think it was going to be this big,” the 42 year old actor said.

Alusa went on to add that even though he immensely loves his family, raising such a big bunch of 'cubs' can be hard. He noted that he has had some depressive episodes worrying about how to provide for his family.

Wueh! In this Nabii's economy I can barely manage to take care of my own so I'm going crazy trying to imagine a family of 10.

“Some days are really hard, and I don’t know what to do. For me, I want to be present, physically, emotionally, and psychologically for them.

When things are okay, and I can manage the bills, I don’t think about it so much. When I get depressed is when I can’t manage their needs, and the money is not making sense,” Alusa, who flew Kenya's flag high in his feature in Netflix's The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind candidly said.

On whether he would consider getting a vasectomy, Melvin Alusa said no. I guess it is a family thing huh... If you don't recall his younger brother Bien also said no to the procedure, however he did put it out there that it is something he would consider as family planning isn't just the woman's responsibility. At least he is keeping an open mind.


“I don’t want someone to massage me in areas they are not supposed to," Melvin said showing off his humorous side.

He also touched on his upcoming family reality series, (which is supposed to give fans a door way into their lives) revealing that they had already shot a pilot for their show. 

“The reality series is in the works. We have shot the pilot. It will be good entertainment just to show people that deadbeat mothers and fathers should reach out to their children.

A child, regardless of how they came, is a blessing and they are given to the parent to be a caretaker for only a certain time,”Melvin said.

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