Nasra Yusuf' leaves fans worried as she narrates struggle with suicidal thoughts

I need help! Nasra Yusuf's post about depression leaves fans worried

Nasra Yusuf

Digital content creator, comedian and brand influencer Nasra Yusuf has her fans worried after she shared a message on her Instagram stories opening up on her battle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Nasra opened up on how she was struggling mentally hinting that she felt she was close to losing the fight. She noted that she had tried putting on a brave face for the masses and cameras but she was not okay and could no longer do it.

The comedian clearly stated she needed help and called upon friends and strangers alike, literally whoever felt as if they can help to step up and help anchor her as she navigated this tough life period she currently was at.


"I am tired of faking and acting okay... I am not okay," started off the former Churchill show comedian.

Nasra went on to share her woes as she highlighted she was far from okay asking Kenyans to keep her in their prayers and support her in any way they can.

"I need help. I need prayers, I need support... I am losing it," the rest of Nasra's first post read.

Nasra Yusuf's post
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She went on to cry how she has always been showing up for people but on her hour of need she found herself completely alone. Nasra publicly poured out her hear highlighting she'd take a shoulder to lean on wherever it came from it didn't need to be from friends or family.

"I am always there for the rest of the world and now I just need the favour returned whether from a stranger or someone I know," Nasra's cry for help read in part.

She went on to fault netizens for making fun of fellow digital content creator and brand influencer Azziad Nasenya for sharing her struggles battling suicidal thoughts intimating that she was also in the same boat.

"Y'all making fun of Azziad for being suicidal, while I am in that state right now," the comedian added.

Finishing up, Nasra asked netizens to be kind to her in case she lost the fight with her mind and ended up taking her own life. She begged with them not to make fun of her as she feels she truly tried hanging on.

"If I do it,please don't make fun of me, I tried," the last of her post read.

Counselors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issues. Call Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199 for support.

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