9 public figures who copped multi-million luxury rides this year

Below is a list of prominent media personalities who copped new whips, alongside the heavy machines they bagged.

9 public figures who copped multi-million luxury rides this year
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Despite the tough economic times and crazy rise in prices for almost everything including chewing gum, some Kenyan artists and public figures still managed to acquire multi million rides throughout 2023. 

Below is a list of prominent media personalities who copped new whips, alongside the heavy machines they bagged.

1) Jacky Vike


The award-winning actress popularly known as Awinja gifted herself a brand new white Jeep. The former Papa Shirandula actress reminisced how she started by influencing for a Jeep company before she could finally afford to buy one.

Actress Awinja buys brand new Jeep worth millions

“From Influencing For Jeep Hires to Buying one, Grateful☺️ not sure about the White, might Wrap it Later😁 📸 @velosphotography

“Alafu ni Velos alinichocha na Tumaua ata siamini 😁,” Awinja excitedly shared.

2) Abel Mutua

Just a day after he emotionally bid his beloved Mercedes Benz E 250 goodbye, the award-winning actor/scriptwriter and creative producer/ director upgraded to a sleek new silver Land Rover Discovery 4.

Abel Mutua buys a new Land Rover Discovery 4 shortly after selling his Mercedes Benz E 250

Taking to his Instagram stories he shared a video of the new whip's exterior which pans out to show him and his wife Judy Nyawira inside the vehicle marvelling at its interior with their friend Director Phil in the backseat grinning from ear to ear.

3) Celestine ‘Wakavinye’ Ndinda 

The digital  content creator couldn't hide her joy after she purchased a new white Range Rover Evoque.

Celestine Ndinda buys new Range Rover

4) Lexsil 

The recording and performing artist purchased his first car early this year and he couldn't hide his pride and joy as he showed off his German machine.

In a post shared on his socials, Lexsil disclosed that he is now a proud owner of a brand new sleek black Mercedes Benz worth millions after his European tour.

Otile Brown

 5) Otile Brown 

The singer joined the long list of celebrities spinning the luxury British car after he acquired a brand new Range Rover Vogue. Otile made the news public on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, by sharing videos and photos of his new whip on his socials.

Otile Brown buys new car

“Another one! 🗣️New Range Rover Vogue for yours truly bizee! Ambia wakali wako next time tuongee investment .. hii shuhuli ndogo lol! Easyyyy! 🚀,” Otile Brown shared.

Before acquiring the Range Rover, Otile was a proud owner of a Mercedes Benz and BMW 7 series.

Otile Brown buys new car

6) Nadia Mukami 

Through her socials, Nadia made it known to the public that she had acquired a brand new Range Rover –joining the club of those who own the coveted multi-million ride. 

The 'Kai Wangu' crooner landed in Dallas, Texas a day after making it public that she had purchased a new car as a celebratory gift for all the milestones she had crushed. 

Nadia Mukami
Image: courtesy

7)  Only Litboy 

The brand influencer/ digital content creator and dancer couldn't contain his joy after acquiring his first car, a gorgeous silver Volkswagen Golf.

"I wanted for so long to have a car business company and God did it for me! 06/04/2023 all love and praise.

My first unit is here, thank you @kushalsimzia, now you all can get car deals from me," wrote the dancer as he showed off his sleek silver grey Volkswagen Golf Tsi.

8) Amira 

Businesswoman and digital content creator Amira bought herself a new Mercedes GLE. Jimal Rohosafi's estranged wife shared photos of the new car via her socials, revealing how happy she was to be the newest Mercedes owner in town.

Amira gifts herself a brand new Mercedes GLE worth millions

The lavish Red coloured SUV was showcased from different angles for her online fans to get a glimpse of the type of luxury she is dealing with.

"Just like Zuckerberg, we don't Announce...We Popp!!! Second Baby on my Block. I Don't serve a Leaving God. I serve a Living God Allhamdulilah 🙏🏼"

She also took a drive around the city to show how the inside of the vehicle looks as we get to see the fancy dashboard.

"Tulisema gari lazima ikuwe German" she added the mother of 2.

Image: courtesy

9) Motif Di Don 

Award-winning music producer and sound designer Morris Kobia popularly known as Motif Di Don joined the list of multi-million purchases as he copped a sleek white Mercedes Benz ML 350 SUV.

Motif took to his socials to excitedly share with his fans and followers the beautiful acquisition that his hard work had enabled him to purchase.

Captioning the post he casually wrote, "New toy, Thanks to the good people at @sleek_trading_limited 🙏🏼"

He went ahead to post a video of him being escorted to his new car as the sales guy handed him the keys and opened the door for him. A joyful Motif climbs to the driver seat resting comfortably on the plush leather as he proceeds to test out his new beast.

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