DJ Shiti sides with Nigerian critic about state of Kenyan music

The comedian's comments might raise a firestorm of criticism for him

Comedian DJ Shiti

Celebrated Kenyan comedian and actor DJ Shiti has asked keyboard warriors not to pick a fight with Nigerians in regard to their most recent diss directed towards us.

This is after a Nigerian content creator identified as Doctall Kingsley shaded the Kenyan music industry noting that we had nothing to offer and could not compete with other African countries... even Ghana made it to his list and we didn't.

Kingsley had listed a couple of hot tunes from selected countries and when he got to Kenya he was puzzled as to why the East African country had been added to the list and no one knew even one Kenyan song.


Reacting to the evident disrespect because c'mon now wasn't the whole world singing 'Kaveve Kazoze' and dancing to Boutross Munene's 'Angie Baddie' just the other day?

Also uhm Sofyia Nzao just took over the whole world with 'Mwaki' featuring Zerb.

"He would have mentioned #My Cherie by Bien or #Perfect design by Nyashinski... ...Otherwise He Ain't tripping but speaking the truth..." started off DJ Shiti.

DJ Shiti.
Image: Instagram

The Nigerian comedian went on to urge Kenyans to get out of their comfort zone and restructure their content and mode of delivery.

"Our Artists maze get out of your comfort zones Avoid Normal moves that have precluded you to break borders over years....umizeni vichwa and Compose Lines that can Affiliate to global Audience stop focusing with Kenyans...


Hapa kukuwa celebrity nikujitolea... so put a lot of Effort in pushing your craft on your Social media platforms Online has Made Everything easier..." part of Shiti's lengthy post read.

It really be your own people huh? I mean last year was big for our artists, these guys had back-to-back sold-out shows across the globe unlike other artists from our neighbouring countries who had flops and major low attendances.

Actor/comedian Dj Shiti

Also some big collabos came through with our guys but I guess hating while not supporting like Foi Wambui said is way easier.

Shiti went on to add that artists had to revisit their routes to find the identity in their heritage and then and only then could they break barriers.

"And for those who wants to Support, the most important thing to do now is to help our upcoming Artist to be specific to identity our culture first.

Lets have the true sense of heritage then package it on how it can be sold outside @motif didon I like what you are doing the only thing remaining is packaging!!!"

Finishing up he asked netizens not to rush to X to start a war with Nigerians as KOT (or is it KOX now?) are known for their ways as he felt it was true our entertainment industry need to up its game.


"No need to start unnecessary Wars against Nigeria on Twitter yet our Industry is stagnating for real ...

Pengine unafeel haikuhusu but Mtoto wako atakuwa msanii kesho naatapitia haya tu..." the rest of his lengthy Instagram post read.

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