RnB superstar Usher reveals he babysat Beyoncé back in the day

The 45 year old singer, songwriter, and dancer confirmed that back in the early 90's he was Beyoncé's babysitter.

American A-list celebrities Usher (left) and Beyonce (right)
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American R&B superstar with one of the most versatile voices in modern music, Usher Raymond IV has revealed that back in the day he indeed babysat teen Beyoncé!

That is insane! When people say the world is really small they really don't be joking.

The 45 year old singer, songwriter, and dancer confirmed that back in the early 90's he was Beyoncé's babysitter.


Usher took us on a walk down his memory lane during a guest appearance he made at Shannon Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" podcast after Shay brought up the subject asking if it was true that the 'Climax' hitmaker was ever a manny (male nanny.)

"I read somewhere that you were Beyoncé's nanny, is that true?" Shannon excitedly asked Usher.

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Usher went on to confirm that back in the day he had indeed watched over Beyoncé when she was just 11 or 12-years-old though he didn't get into if anyone paid him for his services.


"Daryl Simmons had a group by the name 'The Dolls' and they came to Atlanta for the first time, this is before Destiny's Child became Destiny's Child and uhm I looked over them at the house. I think I had to watch them because I was like the authoritarian at the time because I was like the teenager... the oldest you know, and I had to look over them.

I had to make sure that they didn't get into trouble at the time you know. I was not really a nanny you know," Usher candidly narrated as he responded to Shay's question.

On if he would have envisioned Beyoncé turned out into the spectacular performer she is commanding an army of fans across the globe, Usher noted he indeed had seen her talent from back then.

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"When I say them, I knew there was something special about them all, because as Destiny's Child they all thrive even still to this day when you see them they still thrive. They are an incredible unit.

But Beyonce on her own had a talent and also a brilliance and brightness that was much different and it was actually Frank Gaton who helped me see," the upcoming Superbowl halftime performer said. 

He went on to give Queen Bey her flowers highlighting it was amazing seeing "his sister" thriving as awesomely as she was.

Over the years, the two (Usher and Bey) have collaborated on a couple of tunes.

She was featured in his song, “Love In This Club (Remix)” and she helped him perform “Bad Girl” at one of his 2005 concerts. Usher, on his end, was also a dancer in Beyoncé’s “Naughty Girl” music video. Their friendship clearly thriving through the years.

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