Kanye's possible Nairobi tour ignites social media buzz

The artist is set to release his new album Vultures this February

Kanye West allegedly set to perform in Kenya

One of the most critically acclaimed and controversial American rappers and producers of the 21st century, Kanye West is about to make history as the first of his time to include Kenya in his world tour!

The 46-year-old is scheduled to perform in Kenya if the itinerary shared online by a verified X account identified as @Donda Times shows is anything to go by.

According to the social media account, Ye will be making stops all over the globe and 2 African countries are on his list! With Africa's pride, Kenya is one among the 2.


"From what we know, Ye's world tour could take place to; Totonto, Mexico, London, Dubai, Nairobi, Lagos, and Tokyo," the post from Donda Times read, just to mention but a few of the countries in the list.

The list of the countries was accompanied by a schedule form which reads (Date, Market, Country, Venue, Expenses, and Total Attendance) and according to the well-structured form, it shows the multi-award winning rapper is set to perform in Nairobi on the December 2024 with the concert allegedly being held at the Nyayo International Stadium.

Kanye West
Kanye West
Image: image: GQ

On his Instagram page Ye seemed to confirm that the list is factual by sharing a screen grab of it on his stories accompanied with a conversation he was having with 2 individuals where one of them stated Kanye was to be paid 16 million upfront.

Following this, his Kenyan fans have already started celebrating the possibility of seeing their G.O.A.T. perform.


A few, however, have shared their skepticism as we all know Africa is never part of these artists stop even when they say they are going on a world tour.

"While my rapper Kanye West will be performing live in Nairobi, Kenya we need him to remix his song 'N*ggas in Paris' to 'N*ggas in Nairobi," wrote one excited netizen by the handle Playboi Carti Turiiieee. Accompanying the post with pleading puppy dog eyes emojis.

A doubtful Waititu Jackson simply wrote, "Ye in Nairobi???" while others joked about selling their organs to be able to afford concert tickets once they are announced.

The possibility of the Grammy Award-winning artist performing in Kenya has left netizens with an air of excitement that can't be contained.

People really be quick to forget. Just a year ago the father of 4 had hinted at plans to expand his Donda empire by opening a Yeezy store in Nairobi but that went up with the wind.

However, hope still lingers and Kenyans are known to have a heap load of that. So for now all we can do is wait and hope the 'Mercy' crooner actually lands in the city.

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