Isiolo power couple praised for fighting off a lion

The couple could be seen narrating the incident from hospital beds after surviving the vicious attack.

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A Kenyan couple based in Isiolo is currently trending after the two lovers bravely fought off a lion that had attacked them.

This is literally the definition of ride or die, take notes guys.

In trending videos that have been posted online, the couple could be seen narrating the incident from hospital beds after surviving the vicious attack.

According to their recap of the events that transpired on Tuesday evening, the 2 were returning home from fetching firewood around their village Elsa Ntirim village, located in the Burat Ward of Isiolo County.

The wild beast that must have been stalking them for a while, pounced out of nowhere attacking the lady who was walking a couple of feet behind her husband first.

"It first attacked the woman because she was walking behind me, when it tried to attack her, she ran in front of me and that is when then it came for me. It jumped on me and pushed me down, then it held me down," the man identified as Michael Apayu, said while speaking to Citizen TV on Thursday, Feb 8.

The lion inflicted injuries on his hands, legs, and shoulders as he tried wrestling with it.

"So when it held me down it inflicted the injuries on me. It bit my hand and dug its nails on me, my shoulders and back as we struggled.

I then shouted to the woman to come help me attack it. I remember I had a panga (a bladed African tool like a machete) but it had fallen, so I told her to pick it up and hit the animal," he added recounting the moments.

The man added that the lion upon being attacked by his wife, Susan Chebet, turned on her and bit her legs. He maintains it refused to remove its deep teeth from her foot where it had bit her.

On her part, the wife narrated how she tried to use the panga to fight off the lion, bravely helping save her husband's life.

"I ran with the panga to help. I came quickly and hit the lion with the panga many times. Then it jumped on me but that moment helped my husband to be able to get up.

He took the panga and hit it, on the foot and near the eye, which led to the lion falling down. This gives us an opportunity to escape," the lady recounted.

The two are currently recuperating at Isiolo Referral Hospital where they asked for help.

Netizens have been widely impressed by the resilience of the two and the love demonstrated as some shared they would have probably taken off running at that moment.

Below are a few comments;

Titoh_empire: Mpoa wangu hata mende inamshtua 

Jayce_kevo: the true meaning of until death do us apart

Aicystevens: Ingekua yule mkora angeacha nikuliwe

Njoroh: Hii ndio power couple

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