Nurse Judy: The American dream is very much real

The US-based Kenyan healthcare worker has had to defend herself from people doubting her claim about living in America

US based medical practitioner Nurse Judy

US-based Kenyan globe-trotting medical practitioner Judy Maina popularly known as Nurse Judy has shared a video addressing claims that she lies to people about the prospects of attaining the 'American dream.'

Sharing a post on her Instagram page, the mother of 2 went on to address a few concerning comments she had observed from her TikTok page.

The comments were from people questioning why she was always speaking so highly of life in the West, while other content creators were mostly speaking out against the rush of relocating to America.


"This is what people don't understand. I have seen someone in my comment section comment and ask why Damaris is always discouraging people about America and I'm always rooting for it.


Then another one commented and was like, 'this one just leave her alone she loves being proud, and clout chasing so she is always going to lie to people," started Judy who also doubles as a digital content creator.

She went on to explain that for her she did not understand people's reasoning as people's experiences under most circumstances are never the same.

Nurse Judy

"Let me tell you something, my experience is not going to be the same as someone else experience. Some people come to the US and have bad experiences so that is what they are going to talk about. People give their opinions and views depending on their experiences.


Some are projecting because maybe they are doing something that is not making them money so they will be upset because they are not living the American dream.

I also came here without my papers, I came here on a visit visa and for the first few months, it was tough. Later on applied for a green card and within 7 months or less it was out and I did my adjustment papers. But the months I suffered could not lead me to discourage someone," the mother of 2 candidly said.

Finishing up the medical practitioner said;


"The fact that things worked out for me and moved fast makes me feel like I can encourage people. I am able to make good money. Some will struggle getting asylum, doubling their money, suffering from black tax so to them they will feel discouraged and end up even regretting making the move.

Nurse Judy
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Such people when you ask them about America, they will have nothing good to say,"

Captioning her video she went on to reiterate her earlier sentiments maintaining that everyone's experiences are different so people ought not judge her for speaking about what she believes in.

"My journey, my experience and another person's experience will never be the same!

Just like people whose relationship n marriages fail and they project that by discouraging people from marriage... but that doesn't mean all marriages or relationships are not good,

They may have challenges but it works.

That applies to this whole American shenanigans, if it doesn't work for you, you will definitely give your views and perception based on that!!!" Her caption read.

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