Kate Actress opens up on her chances of featuring in Netflix's Young Famous and African

Kate Actress
Kate Actress
Image: Courtesy/Instagram

Veteran thespian, brand influencer and digital content creator Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate Actress is opening up on her chances of featuring in Netflix's 'Young Famous and African.'

According to the mother of 2 she feels she would be too boring for the fast paced reality TV show as her personality is a more laid back and mellow.

Kate emphasized that she was an actress with little to no drama thus she would have nothing much to add to make the show spicy. In the brand influencer's own words, "my drama is corporate,"


“I can’t comment, but that’s not my vibe, that’s not me. I think I would be very boring in that show. I am an actress, my drama is not so much. My drama is corporate,” said the 'Disconnect' star as she let out a chuckle while speaking with Dr. Ofweneke.

On which Kenyan celebrity she feels would be best suited for the role should Netflix choose to introduce new cast members to the show that is currently gearing up for season 3, Kate Actress volunteered the president of single mother's club herself... Esther Akoth, better known as Akothee.

Kate highlighted she would be willing to part away with a good amount of money to watch a drama series that involved the musician and businesswoman.

“But if there is a paycheck, I would go for Akothee. I would pay top dollar to watch her. I know her as Esther, I don’t even call her Akothee, and she would be perfect," Kate told Ofweneke cheerfully.

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