Minne Kariuki
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Reality TV star and entrepreneur Minnie 'Cayy'  Kariuki has left a good number of netizens reeling after she revealed a financial incident from a while back that led her to dump her then-partner.

According to the budding actress she and her ex-boyfriend did not last for more than 2 years following him purchasing a Japanese car for her when she had clearly stated she wanted a German machine.

The man's mishap led to Minnie losing her feelings for the man and slowly detaching from the relationship, eventually, the two broke up.


In a trending TikTok video the soon-to-be mother of 2 walked her fans down memory lane as she recounted highlighting the man's miscalculation doomed them.

"I knew I did not like him when he gifted me a Toyota, when all I wanted was a Mercedes," started off the 'Real Housewives of Nairobi' co-star.

Minnie Cayy

She went on to detail how for her first car she really wanted a Mercedes, since she has always been in love with the brand and its makes. However, her then man did not understand the assignment.


"So, for my first car, I wanted an A-series Mercedes; I have always loved Mercedes like it is a thing. And he gifted me a Vitz.

It did not last two years. Let us just say I was done. And that is when I knew I did not like him," added Minnie candidly.

Her revelation sparked contradicting sentiments from social media users with some calling her out for not being grateful while others applauded her for maintaining her standards.

Below are a few comments from TikTok users reacting to Minne's story;

Junior Raz: Why couldn't you buy the Mercedes yourself?

Njokie: It's the effort for me though... he tried.

Mwongeli Musungu: He bought a car that he could maintain

Lavigne_Sulwe: Probably the guy asked her what she wanted to be gifted

The actress is currently married to Jaguar's former manage Charles Muigai, popularly known as Lugz Kenya.The two, who had a pretty spectacular traditional wedding ceremony on December 11, 2021 have one child together and are currently expecting another bundle of joy soon.

However, Lugz has another kid from a previous relationship.

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