Kenyan market wasn't ready for Camp Mulla- Veteran artist Versatile shares

Camp Mula announced their split in mid 2013, citing various differences

Camp Mulla

Veteran Kenyan artist Versatile through his socials is calling out Kenyans for allegedly leading to the fall and breaking up of Camp Mulla.

According to the artist, the young dynamic alternative hip hop and house group was way ahead of its time sadly in a country that he believes was not yet ready for such international greatness.

In a video he shared of himself driving around, Versatile went on a rant narrating how he feels lack of support from Kenyans crashed Camp Mulla despite all the efforts they'd put up to flourish.


"Kenyans Camp Mulla was way ahead of your time and I mean way ahead," started off the artist.

He went to highlight that the 'Fresh All Day' hitmakers were at international levels but the nation could not comprehend it at the moment.

Praising the group that consisted of Miss Karun (who now goes by the stage name Karuni Verse) Taio Tripper, Young Kass, Super-Producer / MC K'Cous, and Shappaman, Versatile recalled how back in the 2010's they were the only Kenyan artists to be nominated at the BET's.

Camp Mulla band members before their split
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"These guys were international and the Kenyan market just was not ready for an international artist... an international group and that is just the truth.

Wakiwa BET, sijui Trace Music, no Kenyan artist was doing such, not even one," Versatile added.

He went on to recall how highly he regarded the 'Party Don't Stop' hit group comparing them to Canadian multi-Grammy Award winning rapper Drake Aubrey Graham. Versatile insisted that the 5-member group were working their limbs off and if Kenyans had given them a more conducive environment to grow, the narrative would've been different now.

"So I remember when I was nominated alongside Camp Mullah in Chagua la Teeniz Awards, these guys were.... like mimi nilikuwa naona like nikma niko next to kina Drake manze, you know?

It was the 'Best New Artist' category and to me they were not even in that category, but sahii wako wapi? If there was anyone who was working hard its Camp Mullah.

Those guys were working hard and you guys, Kenyans are the ones who let them down truth be told," said the veteran artist as his rant came to an end.

Camp Mula announced their split in mid 2013, citing various differences.

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