Kristoff calls out people asking for Naiboi's musical comeback

Naiboi was a fast-growing force to be reckoned with. With hit songs like "2 in 1" which garnered him international recognition

Kristoff at Kiss FM's studio
Image: KISS FM

Veteran Kenyan hip-hop artist Kristoff has gone on a tirade rant lecturing individuals calling for Naiboi's resurgence. 

Naiboi was a fast-growing force to be reckoned with. With hit songs like "2 in 1" which garnered him international recognition. Then out of the blue, he disappeared from the entertainment scene.

No Instagram post, Twitter farewell, or anything. 

After a while, even with a multitude of upcoming and fast-rising artists, his absence was strongly felt. Discussions have been held on social media asking about his whereabouts, well-being, why he stopped making music, and when he is making a comeback.

Responding to these, Kristoff who claims to be very good friends with Naiboi took to his socials to call out what he views as premium hypocrisy.

He argued that when the melodious singer was active and churning out hits, the love and support were minimal but now that he isn't around, everyone apparently loves, misses him, and cannot wait to listen to his music.

“Kenyans should stop this habit. They are now calling for Naiboi’s music comeback but when he was here churning all those hits, the love and support he received from them wasn’t as huge.

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He is my close friend. We speak a lot, and I can tell you he is doing well right now with his life. As to whether he will be releasing new music, yes maybe soon but for now Kenyans should let him be, let him cook content but when he finally decides to release the projects they should support him and stop being hypocrites,” Kristoff shared. 

Born Christopher Barton Namwaya, the rapper has also just recently made a musical comeback after a two-year hiatus.

In his rant, Kristoff called out the lack of brotherhood, as he views it, in Kenya's entertainment scene. He lamented how hard it is for fellow artists to lend someone a hand or simply clap for the when they win.

"Kenyan artists are either selfish or just scared (of you). Why would a fellow artist find it so difficult to share your new project on their platforms?

Clearly he/she doesn’t want to see you elevated or shine, he/she doesn’t want you to win, there is no other explanation to that,” the artist shared.

Finishing up, Kristoff who recently came back from his 2 year trip to the US highlighted that the said behaviour is only observed in Kenya. He compared the brotherhood and support that our neighbouring Tanzanian and Ugandan artists accord each other to Kenya's lacking one.


“It only happens in Kenya. You look at Tanzanians, they share each other’s projects a lot, such is the case in Uganda, America, this behaviour is only exclusive to Kenya,” the 'Dandia Mat' hitmaker said. 


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