Lilian Ng'ang'a calls out parents who can't put their differences aside for the sake of their kids

Lilian also called out baby mamas who use kids to extort money from their baby daddies.

Lilian Ng'ang'a

Project Manager, author, and Events Coordinator Lilian Ng'ang'a is calling out men who refuse to provide for their kids or pay child support because they are no longer on good terms with the child's mother.

According to Lilian she finds the whole situation quite appalling and does not understand why anyone would choose to abandon their innocent child and leave them struggling.

In the same breath, the first-time mom (she has a son with human rights activist Juliani Kenya) called out baby mamas who use kids to extort money from their baby daddies. 

"Someone is under fire for asking her baby's father for child support. It's bewildering how some people refuse to provide for their children and say 'entrapment', 'crazy baby mamas' etc," Lilian voiced 

According to her, adults should learn to separate their drama and tend to their offspring till they are old and mature enough to take care of themselves.

She argued parents letting their kids suffer when the kids need them the most is the main reason why there are so many elderly people with no one to take care of them. A full circle moment of life.

Lillian Nganga and son Utheri
Lillian Nganga and son Utheri

"The child is innocent, separate your drama with the baby mama and take care of your child.

As they say, though, kids grow up and realise who the bad parent was! That's why you see neglected parents in old age," added the events coordinator. 

Finishing up she made it clear that she was against women using child support as a get rich money cow module. She encouraged them to do their part and refrain from gathering money from the child's father.

"I also don't support extortion via child support. Do your bit as the woman," the last of her post read.

Her post comes in shortly after communication consultant Njeri Thorne, went viral for leaking chats where she accused her baby daddy of allegedly not paying child support for 6 months. 

Njeri and her baby daddy were in 2021 embroiled in a viral controversial court case which saw the father's child asked to be paying monthly child support of Sh. 30, 000.

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