Mama Olive stuns netizens with close relationship with ex's in-laws

The influencer has been on the record saying that the father of her 3 kids doesn't provide for them

Mama Olive smiling.
Image: Instagram

Award-winning photographer and digital content creator Tatiana Karanja aka Mama Olive has left many shocked after revealing her intimate relationship with her baby daddy's parents even though she and him split years ago and she has adamantly stated he doesn't provide for their 3 kids.

On her Instagram page, Tatiana who is popularly known as Mama Olive across socials shared a series of photos and videos highlighting how she had spent the weekend.

The posts included photos of meals they had eaten, her kids in the pool with their granddad, a video of them excitedly cycling and so many more.


Captioning the post, the brand influencer wrote;

"Weekend with my outlaws ❤️"

She went on to explain why she used the term "outlaw" while referring to her baby daddy, property guru Wayne Mutiso's parents.


"I affectionately refer to my ex-in-laws as ‘outlaws’ because, well, they’re no longer technically ‘in-laws’ but they’re still very much in my heart and of course amazing grandparents to my kids.

I find the term so funny, my dad is the one who said it one day and since then it's stuck 😅💕 I have so much love and appreciation for them," the mother of 3 wrote in part. 

Tatiana went on to further explain their closely knit relationship revealing how much she and the kids enjoy spending nights at Mutiso's parents due to their welcoming nature.

"This weekend we enjoyed a sleepover at their place, it’s always a delightful experience and don't even get me started on the food 😋 Every time we go for a sleepover I feel like I’ve escaped on a mini holiday ☀️

Tatiana Karanja and her 3 kids

"While it was there I took the opportunity to indulge in some self-care. Knowing that I would have a relaxing hot bath at the end of the day while my girls were looked after by their grandparents,"

Finishing up she gave her 'outlaws' their flowers, thanking them for always opening their doors to her and their grandkids.

"Overall, the weekend was filled with love, good food, relaxation, and a touch of self-care.

My outlaws truly know how to make our time together special, and I am grateful for the moments we share. 💕🍲🛁," the last of her post read.

Her relationship with her ex's family has left many confused, curious, and amazed as she and their son according to what her posts imply have no relationship at all... let alone a strained one.

5 months ago while speaking with YouTuber Lynne Ngugi Mama Olive touched on the subject of co-parenting disclosing that sadly the businessman was an absent dad and doesn't pay child support for their 3 kids.

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