We're going to have a baby- Zari announces plans to extend family with Shakib

Zari already has five kids with Diamond (two) and late hubby Ivan (three)

Zari Hassan and her husband Shakib Cham
Zari Hassan and her husband Shakib Cham
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Ugandan socialite, reality TV star and entrepreneur Zari Hassan has announced that she and her husband Shakib 'Cham' Lutaaya, are currently working on conceiving their first child.

The couple tied the knot in a private Nikah ceremony on Sunday, April 16, 2023 in Pretoria, South Africa much to the surprise of most.

However, their marriage has been rocked by a few issues here and there since then.

With the most recent one being a month ago where Zari admitted that things were very bad in her marriage after Shakib packed up and left due to a video of her with the father of her children, Diamond Platnumz.


But the couple recently seem to have found a path and are working on making things work.

Earlier, this month Zari and Shakib embarked on a journey to Saudi Arabia for the Umrah pilgrimage and the religious journey seem to have helped them.

Things seem to be moving smoothly with Zari announcing that they are now working to expand their family.


Speaking during a press conference in Tanzania, Zari was asked about plans to sire a kid with her Ugandan husband. She took no offence to the inquiry and cheerfully proceeded to announce that soon, if God wills it they will be sharing news of their growing family.

"Yeah, lazima. I mean In shaa Allah we are actually looking forward to have a kid, a child.

Yes, we are going to have a baby. We are really looking forward to it. In shaa Allah maybe two ,but we are trying for one right now. So meaning the softcare legacy is going to continue. Yes we are going to have a baby," an ecstatic Zari told the Tanzanian reporters while announcing her extended brand deal with kids diapers and sanitary towels company Soft Care.

Zari has 5 kids from her previous relationships. 2 (a girl and a boy)whom she shares with bongo superstar Diamond Platinumz and 3 older kids from her previous marriage with the late South African business mogul Ivan Ssemwaga.

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