Elsa Majimbo apologizes after accidentally posting steamy video meant for her man online

She confirmed she had gotten rid of the steamy video albeit it being online for close to 24 hours.

US-based Kenyan content creator Elsa Majimbo
Image: Instagram

Internet sensation and comedienne Elsa Majimbo has offered an apology to the general public after she accidentally posted a steamy video intended for her man's eyes only online.

Taking to her X account, Elsa who also doubles as a commercial model explained how the whole mix up occurred shortly after deleting the suggestive video that she had posted on Threads.

Interestingly, the video had been up for a whole 18 hours before Elsa Majimbo realized her mistake.


Posting on X she wrote, "If anyone has seen that sexy video I am so sorry.

That was meant for my man. Not social media, forget and act like you didn't see anything!"

One of her fans reacting to her post noted they had seen the post and was left with more questions than answers.


The X user identified as Monq Life wrote;

"I saw it and wondered why you were showing your undergarments in "What I'm wearing today." I thought the humiliation ritual folks have gotten to our girl,"

Responding to the tweet the commercial model explained that the video was never meant under any circumstances to go online.

"Oh honey. That was meant for one man's eyes," a slightly distraught Elsa wrote. 

Responding to another X user identified as Raymond Monty who was curious to know how such a crazy mishap could happen Elsa explained her mistake highlighting it was completely just a case of confusion. 

"OMG WHAT HAPPENED??? I hope no one managed to save it," Raymond wrote.

The comedienne responding to the inquiry wrote;

"After I did my outfit check yesterday I did a video undressing and sent it to my boyfriend then posted that on threads instead of my outfit check,"

Finishing up she confirmed she had gotten rid of the steamy video albeit it being online for close to 24 hours. 

"[It's] In the trash... It was on threads for 18 hours before I noticed," wrote the 22-year-old as she accompanied the post with a crying face emoji. 

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