Nurse Judy slams critics attacking online couple for getting pregnant at 19

The young COUPLE became the talk among internet streets after they uploaded a YouTube video announcing their pregnancy.

US based medical practitioner Nurse Judy aka Mom Teyian

US-based Kenyan globe-trotting medical practitioner Judy Maina popularly known as Nurse Judy has come out strongly defend a young Kenyan girl that went viral for falling pregnant at 19.

The young girl identified as Whitney alongside her boyfriend Warren became the talk among internet streets after they uploaded a YouTube video announcing their pregnancy.

What caught netizens attention was the fact that Whitney is a first year University student in her first semester. Most felt she was too young while others argued her boyfriend was a huge red flag because he is in his 4th year.


Addressing the whole issue, Judy who is a mom of 2 took to her Instagram page to tell of critics who have been calling out the couple and prophesying their break up. 

"Even people who wait until they are 40 to get kids and get married, life happens na wanawachwa pia.

The young girl is just being positive akisema mtu wake hatamuacha. And see now women are jumping on this young girl throwing negative vibes," started off the medical practitioner. 


Judy went on to quote her own life detailing that she also got pregnant at 19 and her life turned out great.

"Same thing happened to me, people had all the negative things to say about me. But who is laughing now!?

I'm a happy mom of two, amazing dad always by their side. It never stopped me from being a successful woman! And you are all still setting standards of how other women should do life!!?Wow!!! But what do I know," Nurse Judy wrote on her Instagram stories. 

On a different post Judy highlighted that most people who were bitter with Whitney and Warren's relationship were just projecting from their unhealed experiences. 

"Y'all need to heal your traumas and understand that there is no manual. Period! I got a baby and married at 19 1 turn out great. I'm a happy mom of two.

Kuna mtu alipata at 30 and she is not close to what I am life has no manual, its not a guarantee, ati ukimaliza shule and wait till your 30 ati now that's the only way things will work!

Its a Trial And Error. If you have time check my insta stories, l explained in details especially as someone who was in her exact shoes and now successful," her post read.


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