Dennis Ombachi sly clapback after being criticized for sharing a plate with Davido

Deniss Ombachi
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Former rugby 7's star turned culinary artist Dennis Ombachi popularly known as the Roaming Chef has wittily clapped back at a netizen who criticized him after he hosted Nigerian artist Davido.

Davido, who had flown in Kenya to perform at Raha Fest passed by Ombachi's abode and the two shared stories and a hearty meal as documented by the online chef on his platforms.

Catering to his guest in true Kenyan spirit, Dennis Ombachi prepared an array of Kenya's most loved delicacies which included managu, ugali, mutura, kachumbari and nyama choma and Davido was in for a treat.

Taking to his socials, the father of 2 shared a snippet of their interaction where after he was done cooking, he could be seen serving up a plate for the 'Unavailable' crooner as he went on to describe for him how each meal is consumed. 

Captioning the post he wrote, "COOKING GOAT FOR THE GOAT I hosted African icon @davido on the balcony and on the menu we had Nyama Choma, Mutura, Managu, Mokimo, Ugali And Kachumbari. I kept it local in celebration of someone who has dedicated his life to his African roots,"

What got some netizens tongues wagging or should I say fingers twitching is the fact that soon as he presented Davido with his plate, Ombachi did not serve up a second one. He went on to dig into his guests plate!


Unable to hold back their Twitter fingers, a netizen identified as @EmpressRiziki commented on the post sharing what was on most people's minds... Roaming Chef should have served up 2 separate plates.


"Ombachi, everything was good until you started digging into his plate. You could have done two plates," wrote the X user. 

Responding to the comment the father of 2 noted he saw nothing wrong with his actions.

Clapping back at the user he wrote; "Sawa ile siku ata kuja kwako serve two plates," giving birth to a semi-heated thread with other netizens chirping in.

Riziki however, decided to take a bow highlighting it was just a mindless comment no ill intentions intended. 

"Lmao I wasn’t expecting you to see this," her reply to Ombachi accompanied with several laughing emojis read. 

The former athlete however, had one last thing to say. Doubling down on his remarks Ombachi noted he understood the comment must have been a lapse in judgement.

"No bad blood. It’s not like I am better than you. We are here to interact. I also understand yesterday was April Fools, and you decided to be foolish, leo najua uko sawa,(today I know you are doing alright/ back to your senses)" wrote the TikTok food sensation. 

Their conversation elicited mixed reactions from netizens with some praising The Roaming Chef over how he handled the interaction while reminding others to always refrain from telling people how they should live their lives.

While others noted the violence was too much and uncalled for as they backed up Riziki adding that sharing a plate was kind of unhygienic. 

Would you be down to sharing a plate with someone who isn't your child or significant other?

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