Anthony Hamilton talks Kenyan food, music and culture

Anthony Hamilton looking forward to soaking up everything that makes Kenya the magical place it is

Anthony Hamilton
Image: Brian Simiyu

The talented jazz and soul maven Anthony Hamilton is back in Kenya after 8 years and well this time round he hopes to do a lot of things differently.

Speaking to Mpasho's Hannie Petra, Hamilton emphasized that minus the much anticipated Stanbic Yetu Festival which he is set to perform alongside Kenyan artists such as Otile Brown and June Gachui at Carnivore Grounds on July 30, 2022, the singer he wants to explore the country.

Hamilton said, " last time I was here I didn't get to try out any Kenyan cuisines, this time round I want to experience it all. The magical safari, the Kenyan culture, food, people's everyday lives, just taking it all in and feeling what it feels like being here. What does home feel like to you guys? I just want to soak it all in." 

The last time the Grammy and BET award-winning artist was in Kenya was back in October 2013 during the visit he was treated to a game drive, a memory he says has been and will forever be engraved in his heart.

" I went for a Safari in the Mara and it was beautiful, you know I love wildlife so being there, experiencing that was just something else. I've gone for game drives in South Africa but Mara is just different," Hamilton said before adding that he was looking forward to bringing his kids to Kenya soon because he wanted to give them that magical feel as well.

On the day of his arrival, Hamilton revealed that he'd had creamy stewed tilapia and ugali and he found the fish beyond amazing.

Ugali was an interesting taste for him, but the highlight of his evening was devouring chicken pilau.

He couldn't stop gushing about the meal, he emphasized he enjoyed it and would have it again even for breakfast.

 Hannie Petra also challenged him to try out some mukimo which is a total delicacy and he was very much open to it adding that the meal sounded amazing.

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"I can not wait to try that, it sounds incredible! Sign me up, this is all that I'm looking forward to. Real tastes of Kenya," the "Pray for me" hit-maker said.

Hamilton in the interview revealed that he is a huge foodie highlighting that cooking is his hidden talent, a passion apart from music that sets his soul on fire.

"I love cooking, I love food and I am a pretty good cook I have my grits,Hamilton said proudly.

Before adding, "I have my grits, I prepare cornbread, hot sauce, and grape juice that's organic. Food is very important to me, I like making sure my people get food and make sure I eat healthy food."

On Kenyan music Hamilton said he was looking forward to securing a collabo, he did not have someone specific in mind but he was listening to tunes and getting en-cultured with the music. 

"I'd love to work with some of Kenya's great artists like I do not know names but I listen to music and I'm like this sounds amazing. Plus I'm just open to collaborating, see what the motherland has to offer, " Hamilton said excitedly.

Anthony is in Kenya for the much awaited Stanbic Yetu Festival which will be held at Carnivore Grounds on Saturday, 30th July 2022.

In performance will be Kenya's own Otile Brown and June Gachui.

On the decks will be DJ Stulez, DJ Pinye and DJ Forest.

Tickets for Stanbic Yetu Festival can be found on or Stanbic Bank branches

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