Otile Brown: Brilliant musician and style icon

Otile Brown owns a couple of big machines and shoes/clothing stores

looking great in his minimalist fashion
Otile Brown looking great in his minimalist fashion
Image: Instagram

Celebrated Rnb star Jacob Obunga popularly known by his stage name, Otile Brown will be sharing the stage with 17-time Grammy nominee, Anthony Hamilton next weekend.

This will be at the much talked about and anticipated Stanbic Yetu Festival which is set to be held at Carnivore Grounds on July 30, 2022. 

If you didn't know, the Stanbic Yetu Festival is a musical journey that started back in 2020 when the pandemic rocked the world.


It started as an innovative virtual music experience that connected both the local and global music community at the time.

Just like his love for making great music, Otile is also a fan of the finer things in life a fact that makes him such a compelling character to Kenyans.

Everything that the soft-spoken 28-year-old surrounds himself with is quite exquisite from his; clothes,  accessories, cars, and even the women he dates. He literally really does have an eye for finer things in life.

I decided to take a look at the " Dusuma" hitmaker's love for fashion and cars as his musical journey is almost an open book to anyone who has a great ear for music.


Let us start with his love for cars.

The big man loves HIM some big machines! To celebrate the debut of his much-anticipated album 'Just In Love' 2 years ago, the artist gifted himself a new BMW 7.


Damn! To congratulate myself I get ice cream or make an Instagram post.

He shared the news with his fans online writing, "New car alert, BMW 7 series. Album completion gift."

Below is a picture of the artist looking immaculate in a suit inside his expensive and classy whip.


And yeah this is not Otile's first fancy whip, like I said big man has taste. Back in November 2018, Otile bought his first Mercedes Benz albeit after a little drama with his then-girlfriend, Vera Sidika.

But that's not all he is a total sneakerhead too, with a very coveted sneaker collection. that would excite sneakerheads the world over.

His style is mostly smart casual but that doesn't mean that the singer doesn't have some flair in his style as he also owns some really fancy suits that feature different colour combinations.

And his love for fashion ( clothes and shoes included) led him to venture into the business.

It all began in 2017 when he launched his first shoe store in the heart of Nairobi's Central Business District.

Announcing the venture he said, " God has been faithful and so I have decided to venture into the shoe business, mostly for ladies."

Seeing how lucrative the business was, two years later the Baby Love hit-maker opened another store in Mombasa.

However, this one also included clothes as according to him many of his male and female fans wanted to know where he got his wonderful shoes and clothes from?

Below is one of Otile's most fashionable yet minimalist looks. 

But while his music and to a smaller degree, his fashion sensibilities are the forefront of many fans' minds, the singer is quietly and sensibly investing.

A month ago he revealed that he was building a lavish bungalow for himself that will soon see him join the list of the newest homeowners in town.

The Kenyan R&B singer revealed that he had invested millions into the project that will see him move into his own lavish home in a few months time. 

Otile Brown will be joining a handful of Kenyan celebrities who built or bought multimillion shillings homes.

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