Carey Priscilla with her man Benito Muriu and their son Sky Muriu,
Image: Instagram


Commercial model and digital content creator Carey Priscilla has revealed that she always has her hair done even though she wears a turban daily due to her religious beliefs. 

The mother of 2 noted that she spends a huge amount of money monthly to ensure her hair is neat and well-plaited even though she won't get to flaunt her hairstyle anywhere.

Why, you quizzically ask. I mean she could just rock wig lines like the baddies do. Well, Carey has been through an embarrassing ordeal that she would never want to repeat. 

"I spend a lot of money making my hair, then naifunikia. My hair everyday looks vizuri even when my turban falls off right now, I wouldn't be so worried," candidly stated Carey while speaking to Director Phil Karanja.

Letting out a chuckle, she went on to narrate an incident that made her vow to never have a bad hair day no matter what.

"One day while I was in town, back then when I used to properly hustle . I was walking with a huge bag and I was so tired... so I remember while we were at the Zebra crossing waiting to cross a mad man came out of nowhere and snatched off my turban and I had a very bad hair day," the mother of 2 recalled in between laughs.

She went on to state how confused other pedestrians were with everyone wanting to know what the madman had taken. To wade off a little bit of the embarrassment Carey vehemently declared nothing no matter how much people asked she said nothing had been taken. 

"Then people were looking at me and they are wondering huyu dame anakaa vizuri like her outfit and her face but her hair. Because nywele yangu ilikuwa inakaa ya wazimu.

I didn't even go home, I bought a scarf then went to the salon directly. And I swore from that day I would never walk around with my hair looking bad," Priscilla told Phil who was in complete stitches trying to visualize her story. 

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