God has other plans- Chef Maliha says after Guinness World Book disqualification

Why Chef Maliha Mohammed has been disqualified by the Guinness World Records

Chef Maliha Mohammed
Image: Instagram

Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed has released a statement following her disqualification by the Guinness World Book of Records. 

Taking to her Instagram account the chef addressed her fans and sponsors offering them an apology for what she feels is having left them down.     

"Hey guys, Assalamun aleykum. It is with much sadness to inform my family, friends, fans , sponsors , followers, and everyone who showed love and support ❤️ towards my journey in November cooking marathon," started off the Kenyan culinary superstar.


She went on to add that she had received a message from the GWBR team letting her know that she had been disqualified from the longest home kitchen cooking marathon which she had taken part in last year.

The chef noted that she had apparently made a single mistake during one of her breaks while trying to set the longest record time for meals cooked in a home kitchen.

Finishing up the entrepreneur added that even though she was deeply crashed she still believed that if the title was meant for her it would find its way to her.


"Upon my manager's advice, I have to let you know I was disqualified of 1 error made during my rest break. I am not okay right now. I ask for your forgiveness to have let you all down .


It wasn't easy😕 😪 😔 but I know God has other plans for me in shaa Allah because what's meant for you will simply find you .


To those who were waiting for this record,😭😭😭 I am truly sorry 😞. 😪 I am truly grateful for everything. Alhamdullilah 😭," the last of her lengthy post read.


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