Larry Madowo
Image: Instagram

Larry Madowo expressed his astonishment after being served a meal of ugali and omena for over a thousand Kenyan shillings.

Typically, in many restaurants in Nairobi, ugali and omena are sold for 150 shillings per plate, but Madowo, although he did not specify where he ate the meal, showed his surprise at being charged 1,200 shillings.

Madowo asked a rhetorical question wanting to know when such a humble meal like omena was honoured and elevated to the status of an expensive dish, considering that many view it as ordinary food with a corresponding ordinary price.


"This meal cost KSh1,200. Since when was omena respected?" Madowo asked, adding, "Is this decency?"

In the comments section of the post on Facebook, Madowo inquired about the reasonable price of the meal and was even more surprised when some people told him it shouldn't exceed 70 shillings per plate.

Below are some of the comments:


"Is it that expensive?!... let me buy three iron sheets instead and cook for myself. 😂 Listen to poverty speaking now," Sagini Ryans wrote.

"Is that the normal ugali and omena we know?" Kereyian Meshack wrote.

"What's wrong with you? You must have gone to a 5-star hotel. Better to have omena/ugali with a slice of lemon for 200 shillings. 🤣🤣🤣"  Josephine Gathi wrote.

What price does ugali and omena go for in your area?