International Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo
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CNN International Correspondent and host of the African Voices Changemakers and Playmakers series, Larry Madowo has excited netizens after sharing a video of him munching on fried termites.

On his Instagram page, the former TV show host shared a video of him divulging a delicacy that consisted of ugali, fried termites, and green vegetables.

Larry went on to hype the meal disclosing that the flying termites which are mostly in season during the rainy weather are an unmatched delicacy within the Luhya tribe of Kenya.


In the video, the 36-year-old seasoned journalist could be seen digging into the meal excitedly as he took time to describe what he was having.

"These are flying termites. Very popular in Western Kenya. I grew up with these. They are attracted to lights, and that's how we catch them. Very crunchy as you can see and great for breakfast by the way. Oh my God! This is fine, so nutritious," Larry excitedly said. 

Captioning the video he wrote, "Do you eat termites? Why are you sleeping on these delicious bugs?"


The post has elicited mixed reactions from netizens with some sharing the experiences of eating the flying insects while others mused over the delicacy. While others who've never tasted them shared their desire to try the termites.

Below are a few comments from Larry's Instagram post:

cheeky_little_foodie_ke: People just eat anything 😭😭

ldg.wear  What's their name in Kikuyu I can try them when I visit grandma😂

pedi_wa_iphones: Hizi ndio tunaita “Mbaawa “ my UK people?? 🤔🤔

itskate_bw: My son couldn't pronounce twiswa so we call them Flying vegetables 😂😂

benniexperience: Chituga in mine, very delicious

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