Video of Lupita eating ants breaks the internet

Lupita posted a video on her Instagram enjoying a mango fruit topped with dead ants

Lupita Nyong'o
Actress/author Lupita Nyong'o

Well, it seems that actress/author Lupita Nyongo is taking her role in the Marvel cinematic universe a little too seriously.

The Kenyan who is currently based in the US posted a video of herself on her Instagram page where she is seen eating dead ants. Yep, you read that correctly. Lupita was eating ants.

In the said video the gorgeous 39-year-old is seen showing off a slice of a mango fruit that is topped with ants. She proceeds to take a big bite of the fruit and then munches it down.


Dangling a glass of champagne Lupita turns to the videographer and says, " It is really good. It is not even crunchy or anything." As she proceeds to pop the rest of the fruit in her mouth. 

The actress who was in the company of friends at an event captioned the video, "You can call me Ant-Woman!! #Marvel #Ants #Foodie "

A lady in the background is heard explaining that the ants are used as toppings so as to add a citrus twist to the delicacies.

She as well as a gentleman in the background then proceed to talk about crickets because apparently, they were also being offered at the event.


The lady also highlights that the ants are smoked before being used as toppings as she lets the guy know that she'll ask about crickets for them.

The video elicited a lot of reactions with a lot of netizens expressing their shock at ants being an actual meal.

And no, that is not how Ant-Man got his superpowers.  Below are some of the reactions:

@winstoncduke: what is you doing baybeh... what are you eating ants for?!! This is antagonizing me.... I'm feeling antena is going crazyyy

@nesha_never_worried: well can you come eat the ones on my pouch

@_resilient_woman: that is what my mango looked like then I dropped it on the ground that one time

@heysarahsavage: Noooo I feel itchy now

@sulalubin: are you sure ants didn't get on the food while left unattended

@thelizzietea: what does Paul Rudd have to say about this !!??

@iamlameshaanderson: too many white friends 

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