Manzi Wa Meru with the late Brian Chira
Image: Courtesy

Jude Magambo, popularly known as Manzi wa Meru, has fulfilled his vow to continue commemorating his late friend, Brian Chira, forever by getting a tattoo of his image on his back.

In a video circulating online, Magambo, who openly confessed to being close friends with Chira, was seen getting a tattoo with Chira's famous image, the same picture she currently uses as her identity on Instagram.

Magambo, who admitted in an interview with Radio Jambo last week that Brian Chira was a close friend, said his death was a blow to her and that she already feels a huge gap in her life after losing him.


However, Magambo denied having a romantic relationship with Chira, stating that their closeness was purely platonic.

"No, I didn't date him. Although, he was very touchy especially when drunk. But we never had those dating conversations," Jude Magambo told host Massawe Japanni.

"I miss Chira so much. And we used to share a lot with him. At times, he was like a brother to me. When I felt he was far away, I felt something was wrong. It didn't end until a week if I hadn't seen him, or three days," she added.


Chira passed away a month ago due to a road accident in the early hours of the morning.