The lady who tattooed her face
Image: Screengrab

Users of the short video platform TikTok have expressed varied opinions after a man bought his girlfriend flowers and yoghurt only, following the lady getting his name tattooed on her forehead.

The lady, known as Liza Njeri, uploaded an original video of herself getting her boyfriend's name "Paul Kibe" tattooed on her forehead.

In an update video of the incident, the lady uploaded a clip of herself receiving flowers and yoghurt from her boyfriend inside a house.

The man, Paul Kibe, was seen in the evening buying flowers, stating that this was the main reason he was honoured by his girlfriend for getting his name tattooed on her face.

Speaking after receiving flowers and yoghurt from her boyfriend, the lady advised other ladies that if they want to receive such gifts from their boyfriends, they should get tattoos of their names on their foreheads.

"Thank you, that's why I put your number plate here on my face. I'm telling people to put their boyfriend's number plates too if they are sure they love them, if you don't love someone, don't put it," Njeri said.

However, the act of getting a tattoo and also the act of her boyfriend gifting her with flowers and yoghurt alone seemed to attract many comments from people.

Here are some of the comments from users of the platform;

"Tattoo on the forehead and you sleep on the floor? Babe!!!!" - Rylen.

"I thought tattoo would be worth a title deed or logbook 🤔 flowers and yoghurt only 😏😂" - Annitah Lovely.

"That's not a tattoo, it's maybe a henna or something, she wasn't feeling the pain when she was being drawn and it's on her head...anyways, you're trending," - Goodness Barbie.

"This girl has no life...All this for yoghurt 😂" - Winnie Wangoi.

"Even if you tattoo his name on your backside, he will still cheat 🤣🤣🤣 it can never be me" - Fifi.

Watch the video here and give your opinion on people getting tattoos out of love.