American rapper Nicki Minaj's Husband Kenneth Petty has been granted permission to travel for the Pink Friday World tour while on probation.

He has been granted permission to travel internationally to support his wife on her Pink Friday World Tour.

Petty had been barred from leaving the US over accusations of failing to register as a sex offender.

Petty requested the exception on Monday, April 15, and said it was to "travel out of the country with his family for his wife's tour and her professional purposes."

"Petty and Minaj believe Petty is necessary to accompany the family on the tour for various purposes, including childcare," the filing reads, adding that the travel schedule would include several countries.

They include Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland and Romania.

The filing also noted that the Government was notified about the request and took "no position" and his probation officer had "no objections."


In July 2022, Petty was sentenced to a year of house arrest and three years of probation for failing to register as a sex offender.

On Tuesday, April 16, United States District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald granted Petty, 46, permission to travel internationally from April 17 to July 14, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE Magazine.

"[Petty] shall keep his probation officer updated with the details of his travel itinerary as needed.

After the travel, Petty must return to Los Angeles and must check in with his probation officer upon returning," the filing states. "Mr. Petty must also provide an itinerary to his probation officer before travel and follow all directives of the probation officer."

Petty's lawyer, Michael Goldstein, told PEOPLE in a statement: “The order granted by the court speaks for itself.”

Nicki, 41, embarked on her Pink Friday World Tour on March 1 in Oakland, California.

She is touring in support of her most recent studio album Pink Friday 2.