American rapper Belcalis Marlenis Cephus alias Cardi B has shared how she is planning to gain weight during an Instagram Live. 

The "WAP" rapper revealed that having making love is a vital part of her step-by-step plan for gaining back the pounds she lost after battling a week-long stomach issue. 

She explained, "It's just a science, you know what I'm saying? It's a *** science."


And while she waits to see results, Cardi shared the other rule she plans to abide by staying inside the house. 

"Until I gain weight back, I'm not going out," she continued, "because I do not like how my body looks. I look too *** skinny."

Cardi noted that she's currently 130 pounds and she prefers to be around 137.


She went on to list some of the ways that being below her ideal weight makes her insecure. 

"I don't feel like pants look good on me or skirts or small little dresses," the Grammy winner shared. "I don't like being too skinny."

She previously confirmed she made love with rapper Offset at a New Year's Eve celebration this past year, despite not officially reconciling. 

"The answer to getting back together is not a good night at the club," Cardi shared on a Jan. 1 live stream on X

"We need to work on our communication. There's things that he needs to work on, there's things that I need to work on."

Noting that the couple who split in December are at the point in their relationship where they're "testing the space," she added at the time.

"That's why I'm saying that we're not together until we work out our issues."

The two share a daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus, 5, and a son Wave Set Cephus, 2.