Diamond Platnumz, Maulid Kitenge and Harmonize

Harmonize broke his silence after Diamond continued to boast about his significant contribution to the music industry by helping some artists in their music careers.

In a recent interview, Diamond reiterated this statement, mentioning artists like Harmonize, Richie Mavoko, among others, whom he described as newcomers he held and helped in music.

The WCB Wasafi label owner has shown pride in artists like Harmonize and Rayvanny, who now manage their own music labels.


But this repeated assertion that he helped seems to have struck a nerve with Harmonize, who, for the first time, broke his silence, responding to his former boss, saying he's about to regret helping him.

"I took him out! I took him out! I took him out!... yes, it's true and thank you, but it's tiring. I'm about to regret it!" Harmonize said, referring to Diamond's repeated claims of helping him rise in the music industry.

Diamond said he's proud of Harmonize and Rayvanny as his children, saying he'll later be proud of his grandchildren, Ibra, Harmonize's artist, and Macvoice, Rayvanny's artist.


"Rich with his assets, the poor with his children. Now I don't have assets, Mr. Konde, let me be proud of my golden children.

After that, I'll move to my grandchildren, Ibra and Macvoice. In my 15 years in the industry, I want us to have a family event and celebrate a little of what God has blessed us with," Diamond requested Harmonize.

Regarding Diamond inviting him to his show, Harmonize replied, saying he's now a big artist, and Diamond can't afford to pay him to perform at one of his shows.

"The problem is this poor man only remembers his children when he's already gathered his wealth. However, it can't happen, those 15 years because you can't pay me six hundred million.

You can't! Listen, you can be big by making others small, but you can also be even bigger by making others big. You asked, I paid you, it should end, it's tiring! What you're bragging about now, you don't deserve it. You can't have your cake and eat it too," Harmonize snapped.

This new feud has come as a surprise to fans of these artists, especially considering that not long ago, they were seen together at an iftar dinner, where they agreed to forgive each other and maintain their friendship for the sake of Bongo Flava music.