Kenyan kadama

A Kenyan Kadama was seen sleeping on the streets of Saudi Arabia after her contract came to an end in a viral video.

The Kadama has been trending all over social media an act that has left many concerned.

The homeless woman was spotted by two Kenyan women who were willing to help her.

It was highlighted that the jobless woman had been sleeping on the streets for six days.

Despite their act of kindness to the woman she refused to go home with them as they had humbly asked her.

“Why do you fear us, and we are just like you? One of the women asked.

“She ran out of contract and has been sleeping outside for some time,” one of the women was heard saying.

The homeless woman was only seen with a bottle of water and the clothes she wore which were her only possessions. She was also seen scratching herself since she had not showered for days.

“Here is the car, Let us go. Do not be afraid,” one of the women tried to convince her.

When she was asked why she declined the offer she was quiet as she shook her head to symbolize that she wasn’t into their idea of offering her a helping hand.

Netizens felt sorry for the woman as they expressed their sympathy towards her situation. Others pleaded with the woman to keep on trying to convince her until she agreed to go home with them.

“Please take care of her, she is stressed,” one netizen said.

“She is depressed. She needs to see a doctor, another netizen said.