Family pleads for repatriation of lady killed in Saudi acid attack

Family of Mercy seeking help to bring her body home weeks after her death from acid attack

Mercy Sakim killed in saudi arabia
Mercy Sakim killed in saudi arabia

The family of a Kenyan woman who died in Saudi after an acid attack are appealing for help to bring her body back home.

Mercy Sakim died on October 4 after an argument over a man with the rival splashing acid on Mercy Sakim.

Mercy was hospitalized following complications from the attack and sadly died from the severe injuries.

Her family is begging Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to assist them in bringing her body back to Kenya for an appropriate burial because they do not have the financial capability to do so.

Sonko was himself speaking of another woman named Jackline Muthoni Kambi whose body is lying in a mortuary in Saudi Arabia.


"Good Morning watu wangu? Kwa hii Gava hakuna kuchoka till this Gulf mess comes to an end.

Kama kuna mtu anajuwa huyu mkenya mwenzetu JACKLINE MUTHONI KIAMBI from Meru central. Her body is lying at the mortuary in Saudi Arabia."

Hours later a man responded to Sonko saying Mercy is suffering the same fate. The twitter user CateRC4 told Sonko

"We too need your help sir. There is a beautiful girl named Mercy Sakim who died in Saudi Arabia. Her home town is Kangundo we are pleading with you please help us bring her body back home from the Gulf."

The Kenyan added;

"Your good deeds are always appreciated Sir,,,, that's why am appealing to you to help us bring the body of Mercy Sakim back who recently died in Saudi Arabia.

She has left behind a son it is a wish for the family to see her body back home. Saidia hapa Kiongozi."

Kenyans are responding to the fate of both dead women with appeals to be careful job hunting abroad.

@JuliusMetto1·Parliament should just banned all agents that still sell our girls to sio tafadhali pls! This must stop

@kombokankunen·Mbona hizi safari za saudia zisifungwe watu wakaangalia nchi za kuenda sio lazima saudia ,I hate that country so much with all my heart, MUNGU akuzidishie, uendelee kuwa na moyo huohuo

@jamesmuringiThis stories zimekuwa all over but i havent heard even a comment from H.E. how hard is the issue to be handled...God bless you SONKO

@Pendo2024·1It's very sad

@Lewismaina14·My condolences to the family. I wonder what kind of naratives these girls are told that makes them still want to go to work in UAE despite hearing the horror stories told by survivors. Ama it’s a case of sikio la kufa halisikii data.

@ndirangu_shiko·Mwathani again ata kijana hajapumzishwa mwenye alipatikana bila viungo za ndani zote aki Saudi Arabia mungu Atukumbuke tumalize twende

@Truthgauge1·why don’t you direct the Gulf mess issue to the REAL place where the buck stops; the ministry of labor and social protection? The little nice stuff you and others do to bring back dead or sick victims can’t solve the problem.Mti ni mizizi, sio matawi tu.

@JivahJ·The root cause should dealt. Just like India, government should ban export of this category of workers and reign in on agents who are the largest beneficiaries. Put in strict foreign policy measures like the philipinnes then maybe we can re consider.

@CRESPUS·kenyan embassy in saudi is a mess. Kenya and Tanzania embassies in saudi they are all located in one place , But the way tz embassy works it's just amazing ... Kenyan embassy hata unafukuzwa kama mbwa

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