Female Tiktoker Sarah Idaji Ojone famously known as SaidaBoj has been suspended from Tiktok.

This is after a video of her went viral claiming that she would wholeheartedly give in to a man if she is offered Sh2 million.

SaidaBoj has been trending on social media with her views on dating and demanding financial assistance from men.

Recent reports making waves online alleged that a couple of mischievous Nigerians reported her Tiktok account, which led to her account being banned.

In a media chat, she made several remarks including charging men within 24 hours after meeting him and she also portrayed men as being so cheap.

SaidaBoj placed a price on herself saying the minimum she could charge a man for a meet-up is Sh47,000.


She also stated how much she would charge a man who wanted to sleep with her within a week after the first meeting.

After she disclosed this information her Tiktok account was blocked at approximately Sh1.3 million followers.

Netizens had mixed reactions towards her post and her account being blocked.

Some said that she is misleading the young generation into living a rachet life like hers without considering that the act of being with a lot of men may lead to situations like contracting STDs.

On the other hand, others seemed to be supporting her as they said life is too short to deprive yourself of what makes you happy as an individual, so they encouraged her not to live according to the wishes of others.

“You do reach curt? Leave this girl biko. Her matter nah small case,” a fan defended her.

“Because you get mouth no mean say to make you no think before anything come out of that smelly mouth,” a netizen criticized her.