Pastor Kanyari

Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari recently hinted at wanting to get back with ex-wife Betty Bayo in a TikTok live. 

Pastor Kanyari was on a TikTok live session paired with content creator Choffri where he asked Kanyari the reason behind breaking up with his Ex-wife Betty Bayo.

Kanyari responded with a lot of calmness to Choffri saying that after Betty dumped him she had sired no kid after their divorce.


"My wife just left me. Such is life. She has sired no kid for another man," Kanyari said.

Choffri then assured Kanyari that Bayo would reunite with him and asked the pastor to pray for their reunion.

"She won't conceive for another man but will reunite with you. She will come back. We would not want her to conceive for another man," Choffri said.


"People will judge you as not being up to the task. Start calling her tomorrow and she will accept."

Kanyari went on and received the message with a lot of positivity and said Amen to what Choffri said.

"She will admit that she is tired and wants her husband back. Don't marry another woman," Choffri went on.

Choffri's confession received a lot of mixed reactions from netizens, some saying that he had no right to decide what Betty does with her life and who she is supposed to be married to.

"Kanyari doesn't deserve Betty.....achaneni na Betty," a netizen said.

Previously, Kanyari recalled losing everything when he was implicated in a scandal that made him lose everything including his family.

Kanyari who has recently been trending over receiving condoms in church and his guests on TikTok has raised a lot of questions in people's minds of whether he is doing all this for clout or he is being real.