Thomas Kwaka aka Big Ted has penned a birthday love letter to the love of his life, Sheila.

The State House Director of Brand Strategy and events described her as the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

He wrote;



H A P P Y BIRTHDAY what makes you happy ,makes me happy too..What makes you sad Makes me sad too..Whatever comes against you Comes against me too..I have been thinking too much about what to give you on your birthday. After all, you are the one who always make surprises.

This time I want to give you something that you will never forget or time will never take or money will never replace..the last supper ! To the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, happy birthday! I am excited about today big day & I just couldn’t hide it. Thank you for your never ending love for me.

I wouldn’t be this happy now if it is not because of you.To more annoying days To discovering more fighting ways To more Laughed out NightsTo more cupped up lights To more fighting LIFE together To more Loving LIFE together To more serving God together To Many babies , 2 Daughters & Cookie Then - Now & Forever HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama !!TRULY......i was gonna miss out on this BUT heaven would not have any of it on the second round! KWELI...."

Ted who is one of the most sought after MCees in the country proposed to Sheila in 2019 at a popular hotel in Westlands.

"Perfect fit…Just like God planned it. live learn love laugh lean 2019" he wrote after taking a photo of the engagement ring