Singer Diamond Platnumz has in the recent past insisted that he is single.

Speaking to journalists during Eid holiday, the WCB CEO said that he hopes to get married before next year's Eid celebration.

"Marriage is planned by God. When he plans for me to marry before the next time we have Eid, I will have gotten married, Inshallah"

A year ago, he told journalists that he was planning to get married before this year's Eid.

He said this while extending a helping hand to the needy at his home town Tandale.

"We are human beings and we cannot live forever here on earth. We have to get ready for our tomorrow."

He went on to urge fellow artistes to be selfless;

"It is not a must you give something big, give the little you have. To my fellow artistes, let us give to others. We will one day die, and in death, we have to leave something that people will remember us for."