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Kiss FM Presenter Obinna in studio
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Kiss FM presenter Obinna has reacted to the high price of school uniforms. The comedian cum presenter said that he has a PP2 school-going child whose school uniform is expensive.

"I am a parent and my kids need to report tomorrow, new school uniforms, books, shoes, bags and school fees paid 75 per cent." He said on the morning Kiss radio show.

Adding, "The amount of money between today and tomorrow, I don't know where I'm going to get it."


Obinna went on to tell the listeners how many schools have expensive uniforms and are specific on where parents are supposed to buy them.

He gave an example of a school in Nyeri which is asking for Ksh 18,985 for uniforms and bedding.

Another one asking for Ksh 34,700 with instructions on where to buy the uniforms, a Kitui school asking for Ksh  17,200 for school uniforms while another one is selling games kits at Ksh 4,300.


Meanwhile, on 'Kikao' segment with Obinna, he was asked by a listener, called Shiko, to ask her boyfriend Bonface why he ghosted her after she got pregnant.

"We have just spoken and told her to leave that story alone. She was not my girlfriend but we had a thing.

I don't want anything to do with her. I am telling you that that child is not mine. Obinna you are a man like myself.

I did a vasectomy, this is the gospel truth. I am a hundred per cent sure."