Image: Kiss FM Kenya

On today's Kikao segment on The Morning Kiss, a caller asked Obinna to ask her brother why he doesn't want to go to their rural area after he finished school.

“Call my brother Vin and ask him mbona hataki kurudi ushago (Why he doesn't want to go to rural area)," said the listener

Well Obinna called Vin who explained that he is not used to rural life as he has adopted to the city's soft life

"Kitu moja na Nairobi nilikuja nikaona kuna soft life alafu uko ushagu wanasema unaamka unalima. Huku unaamka unakunywa. Maisha iko sawa, yaani sherehe." (One thing I came to notice about Nairobi is that there is soft life. In the rural, people wake up and go to farm but in Nairobi people wake up and drink. Life is good and its all about partying)

Vin comes from Ahero, Kisumu but lives in Buruburu with his friends. Asked whether he is ready to have a talk with his sister, he said;

"Labda yeye akuje anaione lakini si mimi nikuje nimuone." (Unless she comes to see me because I shall not go to see her)

On the Kikao segment, Obinna tries to get answers and closure on behalf of the listener.

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