Kikao: Why did Brayo sleep with my friend?

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Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

On Kikao segment today, Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna tackled  a case of a listener who wanted to know why her ex -boyfriend slept with her friend.

Laisa told Obinna that "Uliza Brayo mbona alidoz na arif yangu” (Ask Brayo why he slept with my friend)

On being called, Brayo did what many men do; deny.


"Arif yake mgani? Zii hakuna kitu kama hiyo. Utapigaje beshte ya mtu wako? She used to be my girlfriend back then. Yeah, she's my ex."

On whether Laisa was suspecting him with her friend, he said "No, hawa madem, they are not people to trust. Ni madem vigeugeu, they are always insecure yet they are always the ones on the wrong side because we broke up kwa issue ingine very petty.

She claims that, the last time we met she told me I slept with her friend and I was like what is this lady talking about."

Brayo went on to say that even if it was true, he would still deny.


"Nothing happened, I'm a man I can't confess even if it happened because as a man I can't eat sukuma wiki everyday. Even you can't. These are men talk, we can't eat Omen everyday, you will get tired."

Obinna adviced the listener, Laisa, to move on with life as Obinna had suspected that Brayo might have slept with the friend

"Brayo did that thing, I'm telling you as a man, just move on," adviced Obinna

In a past Kikao, Obinna told listeners to let him handle serious issues as a listener had hilariously asked to know why a friend cooked all his eggs with this hard economy.

“Call Lewis kwa nini alikuja kwangu akapika mayai tano akakula pekee yake in this economy”(Call Lewis and ask him why he ate five eggs at my house alone in this economy)

In his defence, Lewis said he had only eaten three eggs as the other two had broken.

"Amekuambia ati nilipika mayai tano yote? Mimi nilipika mayai tatu, mbili zilianguka zikapasuka. Mimi nilikula mayai tatu, kama anataka nimlipe naezamnunulia hizo mayai mbili because mimi najua nilikula tatu. Wakati nilikua nazitoa nizipike zikapasuka. Mwambie nitamlipa." (Did he tell you I ate all the five eggs? What happened is, I cooked three eggs, two of them broke when I was taking them from the crate. If he wants me to pay, I shall pay even those that I didn't eat)

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