who has asked women to stop buying women socks and handkerchiefs
Comedian Oga Obinna who has asked women to stop buying women socks and handkerchiefs
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Kiss FM presenter Obinna is asking women to invest more in what they gift men.

 The comedian cum singer is pleading with women to stop buying socks and handkerchiefs for men when it's their turn to gift them.

The funnyman said this when reacting to Kemene's claims that she bought her close male friends, drinks as a 'take a man on a date September'

"I was in a meeting with business partners and bought them two rounds of drinks and told them 'Don't say I never bought you anything," Obinna wondered;

"You buy a drink and take it with them and say you've taken them on a date? This is the problem I have with ladies. You don't treat us the way we treat you."

Obinna argued that on women's special day, men go all out in treating women the right way.

"We book restaurants, we dress up in suits. We buy you flowers, wine, chocolate, cars, and holidays. But you guys can't do the bare minimum, mnatununulia socks and handkerchief."

Kamene said she thought men like happy socks "I like to buy a bundle of socks for like 1K. You'll never run out of socks."

Is it time women pull up their socks?

Well, in the dating culture, September is known as the 'take a man on a date' month.

According to grown people talking website, the month-long "holiday" was started in 2014 by the LDS Church (also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints a.k.a. Mormon Church).