Huddah Monroe.
Image: Instagram

Huddah Monroe has described her experience when she was drugged as 'half death.' Monroe said she was drugged in 2018 by three ladies.

"Ever since I got drugged in 2018, I was half dead for three days straight and it was done by three ladies who act all holy online. The person they sent liked me and he didn't go the extreme. he even called doctors to give me food and IV drips," she wrote on her Instagram

Monroe said they had taken nude picture of her, which would be used to show the public the fake cause of her death.

"The day I woke up I didn't know what happenAnd claim I was an addict and all that ish. Jealousy is real."

Monroe said she chose to forgive and never pressed charges as as one culprit was heavily pregnant and the other two were in Kenya. 

"God said he wasn't done with me yet and he gave me another chance. Thats why I'm forever grateful. I wouldn't be here today, I'm blessed."

"They tried to bury me but they didn't realize I was a seed."

She went on to advise her fans to only stay loyal to God, self and intuition "Any situation that didn't finish you is a second chance to redeem yourself."

Monroe said this days after the death of her friend, Aziza Frisby. Vera Sidika claimed that Frisby's life was allegedly taken over jealousy.

Monroe questioned how social media users know that the Instagram model's life was allegedly taken because of jealousy.

"When people out someone was killed cause of jealousy ask them how they know anyone can kill anyone  out of jealousy? How do you Know?"