This is a “photo of the day” type of article really. But I want us to celebrate the fact that Brenda Wairimu’s baby daddy is such a humble guy. Some of you know him as Juliani and the man is not a broke man by any measure of the word.

Juliani who has made a successful career for himself as a politically conscious rapper who actually mirrors what’s happening in Kenya’s society at large.

A beautiful bride. Brenda Wairimu stuns in a wedding dress

The two had a tumultuous relationship although they largely managed to keep a lid on the rumours though we would hear a whisper here and a peep there about things not being quite right between them. And while you can attempt to manage what people hear about your relationship, Brenda Wairimu and Juliani soon realized that they cannot cheat their way into a happy relationship and so they did the honest thing and just called it quits.

Brenda Wairimu moves out of Juliani’s house, again. Here are the full details

A photo of Juliani enjoying his meal at a kibanda has surfaced and the simple pleasure in his face is just the stuff to complete your Tuesday morning. Check him out below: