by global musician Zaviah Ward.
styled dreadlocks by global musician Zaviah Ward.
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I know there is a whole lot of bias around dreadlocks and mostly men with them do get zeroed and stereotyped due to their fashion sense but nonetheless, dreads are versatile, expressive, and to some a symbol of their religious beliefs.

Some people view deadlocks as limiting, in terms of styling and accessorizing, but this is far from the truth.

  When it comes to accessorizing, keep in mind that this is your oyster. You can choose accessories to match your style, mood, or season and better express yourself.


But keep in mind size matters, always. When looking into jewelry consider the size of your locks, this is to ensure that the accessory not only fits well but also doesn't strain your hair.

It is recommended to start adding dread accessories when your hair is fully mature. This is to avoid the accessory breaking your dreads if it's heavier than the new locks. 

But fear not because adding beads to your dreads isn't a daunting task; a little time-consuming but nothing over the top.


Depending on the beads one is advised to use a crotchet pin to ensure the process is seamless. Well unless you're wearing the beads one casually slides on a strand and then pulls it up.

If you're using a crotchet pin, put the hooks through the beads then hook the dread to the pin and proceed to pull the beads onto the loc.

 Then move the ring up the hairpiece until it is fitted tightly and feels secure that it won't slide off.

 If using the normal wooden or plastic beads, just pass the bead into a strand of your hair then pull it up to your preferred area, ensuring that the bead is tight enough to avoid it falling off your hair as you move.

To secure your beads (especially if you want them only at the bottom part of your dreads) you can opt to add metallic clasps after adding the beads so that they act as a barrier while still enhancing your look.

Threads are the easiest accessory to add and they come in different colors, some shiny others not.

They are elastic and easy to bend therefore you can just thread it around a strand of your dread in any design of your choice.

styled dreads
Image: courtesy

Hair pendants are equally easy to put as they have a small opening almost where the circle meets. You can clasp the opening in the middle of your hair strand and then squeeze it shut to secure it.

If you're not overly busy or you have helpers around you can choose to felt or embroidery wrap your hair.

With embroidery wrap/floss you wrap the strands tightly around your hair from top to bottom, building as many layers as you can with designs of your choice.

Felting is when wool roving is needled into one's dreads creating a soft textured color. You can choose this if you're thinking of adding color to your look but don't want to dye your locks.

No need to worry about looking plain anymore, try out either of these accessories or all if minimalism isn't for you and brings life to your hair. Above all, remember to always keep your locks clean.

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