How to prepare a perfect cup of coffee liquor

Coffee is a very versatile drink and can be prepared in different ways as well as served hot/chilled

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I am of the idea that coffee is indeed a perfect drink regardless of the weather as it can be served chilled or hot.

Coffee beans are so versatile once brewed, you can choose to blend them with favourites like mint, liquor, or caramel.

Indulge me in this conversation.


How does it make one feel active and jovial while having quite some long day.

Work at times gets too stressful for one to spend an entire day at ease. Collision with the workmates, a little misunderstanding here and there with the boss you know the office, right?

Well I would like to introduce a new recipe that I’ve found quite interesting and helpful for some of my friends.


Coffee with some blend of alcohol better known as Mazagran

That’s right. A double dose simultaneously.

Maza, what now? Yeah, you read that right and you're welcome. I know I just taught you something new.

 Mazagran is a sweetened cold coffee that is a cross between iced coffee, and your favourite rum drink/cream liquor.

It typically consists of espresso, lemon, sugar, and mint but you can opt out of the mint (if you're like me and find it overwhelming)

The consumption of cream liquor has been often noted to have a smooth effect on the users.

The same smoothness usually is present when one is having their glass of cappuccino or mocha.

Mixing the two in one glass is equivalent to  ‘bringing heaven down to earth’.

In order to prepare this drink, one needs to have the following:

1) cream liquor of choice

2) a coffee maker/machine

3) Coffee beans 

4) Syrup/sweetener (optional)

5) Ice cubes 


Blend your coffee beans the way you normally do.

In a clean glass, add three shots of cream liquor/ or even more if you are looking for more zapp, just ensure you don't have work engagements.

Then add half a glass of white coffee into the cup.

Add some syrup and stir.

You could opt to use sweeteners if you do not have any syrup on you, add some ice and serve when chilled.

Let me know your thoughts on this bad boy once you get to try it out.

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