Video: KOT concerned as man walks on railing of T Mall flyover

Man dangerously walks on rail of T Mall flyover in dangerous video

A man was this morning spotted dangerously walking on the rail of the T Mall Langata road flyover.

The man in a video even dances as he hangs precariously.. Vehicles pass under the bridge with unsuspecting drivers not realizing a man is at the top, and could fall any moment.

The short clip was shared by an unknown Kenyan. Watch it below;


Kenyans have reacted to the worrying situation. Some of the comments are below;

devisavageBhangi mbichi ni mbaya 

mecksan_the_djIn Kenya unazubaa kidogo akili inakupea ideas mbaya mbaya


arte_ke_labda ni ule donda wa ummoinner

tunaivyviAnother reason why men die early

cliffe_xHii dunia iko na watu type mingi

cliff_mwambu.jrHizi ni zile talent judges wanipuuza kwa auditions ...look! can you do that 

ms.c_nyandiaWe are laughing and maybe this person is passing through a lot🤔 

leon.id5929Lakini ni nini hutusumbua for real

king_callelHawa Ni Wale wako na extra lives

k.a.z.a.k.aJaba limpueza zimerunda 

The Sh3 billion flyover was completed in August this year and opened to ease flow of traffic on the busy Lang'ata road.

The project was a public-private partnership between the government of Kenya and the government of the Kingdom of Spain.

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